Tuesday, March 31

Review of Unemployed Professors in Comparison to Other Writing Sites

In this age of moral decadence, educational deterioration and the prevalent lack of ethics, the education system and all it stands for has gone to the dogs. This is especially true when it comes to college education. The internet generation has become a generation of people who value clubbing and partying over studying and researching.

This has brought about the emergence of a crop of entrepreneurs and writers who do assignments, papers and essays for students at a fee. These sites are springing all over and one can get lost or confused in all the mayhem and abundance of sites available that promise to do the work for you.

 One of the professional writing sites that stands out among all of them is Unemployed Professors. The site is a breath of fresh air. Its design is simplistic, full of graphical illustrations and cartoon strips. But that is not what students are looking for when they come to the site. This begs the question, are they better than competition? And if so, in what ways are they better?

Professional Writing services

The website unemployedprofessors.com offers a lot of services to clients. According to their site, “As long as it’s legal, we can write pretty much anything”. This gives them an edge over competitors. While other websites offer limited writing services, Unemployed Professors offer to write anything for you. From admission essays, to response papers, to resumes and cover letters. Their advanced degree writers can even assemble a dissertation, thesis, research proposals and any postgraduate papers. These writers can write custom essays as well.

Caliber of writers

Unemployed professors pride themselves in hiring only the top brass of academics to offer writing services for the clients. These are mainly the very people that give them the name, college professors who are no longer in the profession or who for some reason, are unable to continue teaching. The site also hires ivy league graduates so that the clients get quality papers. Besides that, any academics with advanced degrees can also be considered as part of the writing team at Unemployed Professors.

Moreover, the hiring process at the site is quite stringent. They check and counter-check academic credentials to make sure that only the very best academics become part of the team. This is quite a selling point because clients are attracted to quality work.

Cultural Knowledge

Since most of the professors that work for Unemployed Professors are either American or Canadian, the papers they write will have quite a significant different from a paper outsourced from outside the West, say India.

Indian, Asian and African writers found on the internet in other writing sites may have stellar qualifications, perfect grammar and an excellent mastery of English but they lack a vital element, cultural knowledge.

Writers who are born and bred in the same cultural area as their clients will have a different style and understanding of the education system in the locality and what the professors who assigned the paper require. A paper with no cultural hallmarks is more likely to be flagged by the professor than one written locally.


Unemployed Professors still have some limitations such as long response time taking due to the bidding process every paper has to take and the relatively high prices it charges for papers. But then again, quality has it costs. Overall, the site has many aspects that make it better than competition and it, therefore, comes highly recommended.