Monday, April 6

Exciting Future Projects Happening in Bang Na

Siam. Asok. Phrom Phong. Thong Lor. Khao San. Grand Palace.

These are the magnets that usually attract people to Bangkok. But nowhere is Bang Na to be seen in the list. It is often thought of as a sideshow to Bangkok’s main events both because of its lack of magnetizing attractions and because of its geographical location, which lies on the outskirts of Bangkok.

However, that’s soon about to change as Bang Na is going through an urban makeover with their upcoming future projects.

Connected to the BTS as well, you can easily access the revamping that is sure to boost the reputation of Bang Na.

Let’s take a look at these projects.

A New International School

First in the list of exciting future projects in Bang Na is an innovative international school. With over 10 international schools occupying the Bang Na space, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this one.

Well, this international school near Mega Bang Na differentiates itself by breaking away from the traditional school environment, and encourages students to be prepared for tackling the difficulties of real life by focusing on developing students’ free thinking.

This school ditches the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy and leans towards an approach where they provide the resources for students to learn, but allows each student to discover their own learning paths. Their curriculum is dictated by the students’ passion and environment.

So, if you happen to live in Bang Na and have children, this would be a good opportunity for you to enroll them into a place that will nurture them into innovative adults who can make a positive impact on society.

Expected opening date: August 2020.


If you didn’t have Bang Na down as a real estate with forward, inventive thinking, then this should make you think twice.

This Forestias project is putting a stop on the hypnotizing effect of digital platforms on humans, and throwing them back into their caveman ways.

The project aims to reconnect humans with nature. It aims to create a community. A community that values togetherness. And with this togetherness blended in with nature, a happy community is formed.

The Forestias project will add life to what’s currently an open space in Bang Na, by constructing condos, hotels, and a medical Center, all embedded within a forest to create a nature sanctuary.

In an age of human relationships breaking down, this could be the place for you to help pick up the pieces and make humans, humans once again.

Expected opening date: Yet to be announced.

Bangkok Mall

It is clear that Thai people love to walk laps in massive shopping centers in their free time. Especially to capture the arctic air condition that their bodies crave on a flaming hot day.

But Bang Na already has Mega Bang Na and Central Bang Na, so why should you be excited at the arrival of Bangkok Mall?

“Southeast Asia is going through a transformation. As income rises and spending power increases, consumers in the region are demanding more sophisticated entertainment experiences.”, says Adam Wilkes, President and Chief Executive Officer of AEG Asia.

The Mall Group – one of the largest mall operators in Thailand – noticed that shopping centers in Thailand are providing less entertainment value relative to Thai peoples’ increased willingness to spend more. So they wasted little time in pioneering a way to raise the value of entertainment by partnering up with AEG – a US based sports and entertainment company.

The invention they conjured up was Bangkok Mall.

So, if you have been unsatisfied for a while with the entertainment in shopping centers, then bring your attention to Bangkok Mall in Bang Na to indulge yourself with all your cravings.

The only downside – you still have to wait for this entertainment-filled shopping center.

Expected opening date: 2023.