Wednesday, February 26

Consider the Humanities for this Year’s Clearing

The UCAS process of “clearing” is designed to match students without places in a university to universities currently offering course vacancies. To find yourself entered into clearing, you must have applied after June 30, 2017, not received any offers, failed to meet conditions set, or not yet applied at all. Once you know you may participate, you need only wait until clearing opens on the day of A Level results, August 17, 2017, and work hard to find a university opening by October 23, 2017.


There are more than a few options for humanities courses, and humanities clearing in 2017 will give you a rather large window to find a suitable course for you. Among the choices are English Literature and English Language, two courses designed to improve your understanding of the world around you in both professional and personal situations. These also improve communication within a professional and personal environment, both during spoken conversation and when corresponding via letter, email, or memo.

Among the additional options are History, Theology, French, Archaeology, German, Spanish, and much more, allowing you to choose what you feel is best suited to your long terms. It may be that you plan to travel the world in search of valuable understanding about its varied cultures and history, and a history or religious studies course would offer a wide range of benefits toward this goal. No matter your reason for choosing the humanities clearing this year, you will have a range of opportunities available to you so that you may discover the best and most advantageous choice for you.


The humanities are the study of man, art, history, and more, and you may use such courses to help you better understand the flow of the world and how it might change for the better with future generations taking the helm. You stand to make tall waves by choosing this option because you may choose to use your new education as a stepping stone toward success in your field. The results may be a better future for everyone, as well as a lasting and reliable career on which you can build a future family, home, and comfort.


Learning from the history of man will help to correct mistakes and repeat successes as people move forward, and one of the best courses you can choose for this type of different making is a humanities course. Not only will you be better equipped to communicate with those around you, but you will learn to deepen your understanding of the failures, successes, adversities, and triumphs experienced by others in different situations, backgrounds, upbringings and more. This is your chance to put together an education based on bringing people together while offering the individual opportunities to grow and build.

An education in the humanities will open up doors for your career options in nearly all industries across the UK. There will always be demand for highly educated professionals who know how to improve employee retention, increase engagement, and more across the board.