Competitive exams like the IES are exams where students are assessed according to their grades. Certain numbers of students appear for the examination, and the best of them are selected on the basis of their grades.

These examinations can be taken after the twelfth grade or after graduation. Preparing for these examinations is difficult since the student has to be well-versed with the concepts to clear the exam in the first attempt.

YouTube Channels for Competitive Exams

Many students prefer to join a coaching class to get guidance on how to go about preparing for these exams. But several students opt for self -study. Here are a few YouTube channels that will assist you in your competitive exams:

  • org– This is a YouTube channel dedicated to preparing students aspiring to clear examinations such as the UPSC, SSC. The channel is extremely organized, and you can visit the website in order to access the recommended books. The website also has tips on how to go about preparing for the interviews for these exams. The economic theories and concepts are extremely well explained. You must follow the channel sincerely in order to clear the examination
  • Online Guruji– This channel helps to clear various competitive examinations. There are several videos on this channel which help to simplify several mathematical concepts like mensuration. There are also videos on how to solve the difficult questions from the previous year’s question papers. On his website, you will also find a study guide, strategies you must keep in mind for these examinations and the reference books you must go through.
  • Takshzila Shikshak– Quantitative aptitude is included in almost every competitive examination. Moreover, students who have dropped math in their tenth or twelfth grade find it difficult to catch up. They must refer to this YouTube channel to simplify various mathematical concepts. The videos aid the students in getting clarity on various concepts such as number system, geometry etc. Thus, this channel assures that you cover the math section well for your competitive examination.
  • Feel Free to Learn– Logic and reasoning forms another important component of most competitive examinations. This YouTube channel enables the student to learn clearly and fast. Their learning team keeps updating various questions on logic and reasoning to enable the students to sharpen their skills the YouTube videos are extremely beneficial. Moreover, you can go to their website’s discussion forum to facilitate discussions and clear doubts.
  • Edification– An important skill that one must develop to clear these competitive examinations is time management. This channel offers the students various short-cut methods to solve the logic and reasoning component quickly. Thus, the student can take time out for the other components of the paper. Tricks and Surds, Numerical ability are the most watched videos on this channel. You must definitely refer to this site as it helps you to save time.
  • Vidya Guru– This YouTube channel was started for the students who aspire to have a job in the government sector. Since it focuses only on the competitive examinations with respect to the government sector, it is extremely efficient and organised. It covers in the videos various concepts and facilitates better learning. It covers all the components of the papers such as the GK, math and the general English. The people who run the channel are aware of the problems faced when appearing for government competitive exams and provide an insight to the student to deal with them.
  • Mehandra Guru– This youtube channel helps the students who wish to be a part of Railways. Their videos and website cover the latest trends, changes in the syllabus that every railway aspirant must be aware of. The website also has several quizzes that the students could solve. Moreover, their section on current affairs is extremely organized and helps the aspirant to clear the GK component easily
  • NeoStencil : NeoStencil is founded by AIIMS, IIT and IIM Alumni. It is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classrooms from top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation, by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!

Online learning has become the trend. Make sure you follow this trend and be an efficient online learner. Moreover, learning online at home helps you to learn at your pace and gives you time for self-study. These YouTube channels will guide you in your online learning.