SAP Certification – What must be done

SAP may be the state of the art ERP software and also to get certified like a Consultant or perhaps an Affiliate is extremely desirable. This short article explores details about SAP certification and provides a obvious picture on which it calls for and just what it fetches you.

What’s Certification

There are lots of types of certification (Like Vendor Certification, product certification), as well as the purposes want to know , we’ll explore much more about Consultant (now split up into Affiliate and Professional).

Suggested Exam Topics

You will find suggested topics for weightage for each one of the exams it conducts. A good example of could be acquired here. There are also test pattern (quantity of questions, weightage, time etc), locations, needs etc only at that location.

Where will i go ahead and take test

You are able to go ahead and take test at the approved testing centers (Pearson Vue, Prometric, etc). Check out the training website based on country to find out more. When trying to get Pearson, you’ll be requested to have an id (known as s-id). You are able to call the SAP and request exactly the same. Several is going to be dispatched for you by email from Germany within a few days if you’re in america. This can be used number to use at Pearson.

Which exam must i take?

SAP provides a simple Certification finder tool (provided at the end) where one can remove the exams with different quantity of criteria such as the product you’re writing for, the kind of Certification by the kind of solution. If you’re already training using the Academy they’ll show you. Otherwise, you are able to contact the training services to find out more.

Getting SAP exam can be very hard in one location. You’ll have to forage through Forums. Or click the link above to locate some sample questions.


To obtain certified is expensive (around Five Hundred Dollars). If you’re a new comer to ERP, add more training costs, traveling costs(to go to the Academy), hotel costs etc. Actually, there’s already a brand new e-learning training course in the academy in position because the last three years where one can simply do remote training. Which will significantly lessen the costs(It’s roughly 50% of the particular classroom training). For those who have recently been working in america there are methods you are able to avoid visiting the training without showing experience. In countries like India, it’s presently mandatory to undergo Academy training to simply entitled to the examination (once more should you show relevant experience you’re waived out of this requirement).

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