How K-Pop and Korean Culture Results in Awesome ESL Training

I’ve resided in Korea for any year . 5, coming in March 2010 in the US. My causes of relocating to Korea are just like a number of other people from other countries: to educate British and travel doing this. ESL, or British like a Second Language, is just about the rage in Korea nowadays and teaching in Korea is amazingly rewarding and fun.

However, there’s also challenges too. Language barriers and cultural variations will probably be your finest obstacle. Fortunately, by turning the tables and taking advantage of their very own Korean popular culture, teaching in the united states turns into a lot simpler.

Check out these 3 steps that will help you inside your ESL training in Korea:

1) Connect with your students. This really is really a universal rule in teaching, but much more abroad. How you connect with Korean students is to speak about things they are fully aware. Namely, K-pop. K-pop is really engrained within Korean society that just about every student – no matter age – knows all of the popular songs. Ever endured an entire class sing Women Generation’s “Gee” or 2PM’s “Hands up”? The correct answer is a goody to determine.

Therefore the lesson here’s don’t discuss that new US music performer that simply arrived on the scene. You’ll just get blank stares in the students. Rather, discuss the latest K-pop superstar.

2) Discover the culture. Every country has their very own methods for standards. Korea isn’t any exception. Although new teachers will find it difficult to learn Korea’s culture initially, it’ll assist you in classroom teaching lower the street. Have no idea what Pepero Day is? Ask your Korean co-workers. Which are the value of Chuseok Day? Take time to look it to Wikipedia. Ever encountered the date 6-25 before? Lookup history concerning the Korean War and discover.

Your students will thank you for tries to learn their culture. Thus, they’ll be more motivated to understand.

3) Have a Korean class. Korean can be challenging initially. Their writing system, Hangul, may be like Egyptian hieroglyphics initially sight. Speaking Korean may also be a game title of tongue-twister to a lot of. Yet, even knowing fundamental words can make the scholars laugh. Instead of tease you, they’ll be in awe the way a foreigner is learning a brand new language. They’ll appreciate because you are learning their native language, much like learning yours.

Anybody that can take time to understand another person’s language implies that you care. And also you certainly do.

Should you follow these 3 tips, your students is going to be motivated to understand within the classroom. Frequently occasions, the easiest method to educate isn’t getting the very best theories or mythologies, but instead, to merely connect with a student. To determine what’s important to them, their likes, as well as their hobbies. When you have a curiosity in mastering about the subject, they’ll naturally perform the same for you personally.

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